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Treatments for Bed Bug Elimination

Controlling bed bugs is a difficult, time, and money consuming activity. However, bed bugs can be eliminated with a coordinated effort that includes cooperation of the residents and landlord or property management.

There is no single tool or activity that, used alone, will eliminate bed bugs, including pesticides. Multiple techniques are always required because bed bugs are small, good at hiding, and can live without feeding for up to a year and a half.

In some cases, bed bugs are resistant to the pesticides used against them, meaning that many will survive treatment. The reduction of household clutter is absolutely necessary for fighting bed bugs.

Despite the challenges, Steam Kill Bed Bugs has diligently worked to maintain cutting edge techniques via training, experience, knowledge, and innovation. It is crucial to do everything possible to avoid spreading bed bugs to new locations.

Physical removal of bed bugs and eggs using a qualified bagged canister vacuum.
Barriers, such as mattress encasements.
Steam (to kill all life stages).
Heat (to kill all life stages.
Eliminate bed bug hiding spots.

  1. Fix peeling wallpaper and paint
  2. Caulk or seal cracks and crevices around the room and on furniture
  3. Seal floors or the spaces between floor boards or tiles
  4. Make other repairs to the living area to reduce hiding spots
Prevention of reinfestation

It is important to consider that a bed bug infestation in a living area (bedroom, apartment, dormitory room, shelter room or unit) might spread to adjacent units or those located below, above or to the sides. This is especially true if the population is high or if pesticides are used in the original unit. Adjacent units should be inspected and if bed bugs are found they should be treated as if infested.

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