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How do you get rid of Bed Bugs? Can we get rid of them?

1. Cover your mattress, box spring and pillow with certified covers.
2. Early detection, know the signs of bed bugs.
3. Don’t deny the signs or symptoms of bed bugs.
4. Travel with caution.
5. Weekly vacuuming with proper vacuum and procedures.

The best way to solve a bed bug problem is to try and prevent it. It is very difficult to completely defend yourself from introducing an infestation but there are a number of things which can help avoid an infestation or detect it early when a problem arises. Bed bugs are brought into a home. Travel is still the number one way of picking up these hitchhikers.

One of the most imperative measures to help prevent bed bugs is by covering the mattress and box spring (if applicable), and pillows with special bed bug certified covers.

These coverings will have multiple benefits. These mattress covers will prevent any bed bugs from entering these spaces, and will prevent any bed bugs to exit from them as well.

These covers are made from double stretch knit urethane insulate base. They are soft, comfortable and very breathable. There is also the all important zipper lock and impervious zipper enclosure.

Weekly vacuuming around the bed and head board with a canister bagged vacuum. The bag should be discarded after each use.

Placement of the bed bug interceptor. The placement of this product under the legs of your bed will intercept and monitor the presence of bed bugs. This simple device will catch the climbing bed bugs in our product's pre treated well.

Our portable natural sprays are an excellent new product that was manufactured specifically for travelers and significantly reduces the risk of picking up bed bugs in luggage. Spray luggage, gym bags, and garment bags on both the interior and exterior to repel bed bugs from entering.

Most notable signs of bed bugs are blood stains and/or black peppered stains (fecal matter) on mattress or box spring. Biting of course is also a notable sign. Avoid buying used furniture and do not pickup furniture off the street.

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