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Bed Bug History ....... Why Are They Back?


People are traveling more to countries that are infested.
Lack of education about the signs and existence of bed bugs in society.
Extermination companies have reduced routine spraying for insects.
Bed bug infestation is now a problem in every country in the world.

The blessing of "Don’t let the bed bugs bite" that was given to children at the turn of the 20th century was done because bed bugs were a big problem. Americans' standard of living was much lower than today and the daily struggle to survive was beyond bugs in your bed.

For a variety of reasons, the late 1990’s put bed bugs back on the map as a real problem. This problem continued to get worse through the turn of the millennium. The amount of cases was growing geometrically and continues to grow at a remarkable pace.

Some of the reasons given include

  1. a significant increase in travel to various countries that never got rid of their bed bug problem and helped bring many of these infestations back into the U.S.

  2. The pest control industry moved to a more environmentally conscious approach where there was little to no routine spraying, thus eliminating what used to be an effective if collateral method of controlling bed bugs and preventing their infestation.

  3. Lack of public awareness. People would have major infestations and either be oblivious to, or deny the existence of bed bugs.

  4. Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers and can readily attach themselves to a traveler’s luggage and travel with them wherever they go. These factors and others have created what we now know as the bed bug epidemic.

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